EPOC Atlanta


EPOC Atlanta Mission

EPOC Atlanta is dedicated to diversifying Metro-Atlanta's environmental movement. The chapter provides a forum for collaboration among environmental organizations, professionals and students of color within metropolitan Atlanta communities that challenges barriers to inclusion in the environmental sustainability sector through networking, advocacy and community outreach.

EPOC Atlanta Vision

A society where people of all colors, from all age groups and socioeconomic backgrounds thrive, lead, and innovate in environmentalism and the environmental movement.

Making Progress...

EPOC Atlanta is currently in the founding stages. As we develop, we are hoping to serve as a bridge between the environmental community and communities of color. To achieve this vision, our work will be dedicated to diversifying environmental institutions. 

The Environmental Professionals of Color (EPOC) Network

The Center for Diversity & the Environment (CDE) racially and ethnically diversifies the U.S. environmental movement by developing leaders, diversifying institutions, and building communities. EPOC is a program of the CDE.

EPOC National is a network by and for leaders of color, many of whom are the only person or one of the few people of color working at their environmental institutions. The purpose of this network is to provide a safe space for connecting people of color across the U.S. to catalyze change by surviving, thriving, innovating, and leading in environmentalism. EPOC members work on a diverse array of environmental issues, including but not limited to conservation (air, water, land, marine, biodiversity), global warming, sustainability, environmental health, environmental education, environmental justice, and social justice. They fill a unique and valuable role as bridges between the environmental community and communities of color.

For many, what brings EPOC members together is a shared vision of an inclusive, diverse, equitable, relevant, and more effective environmental movement. To achieve this vision, many EPOC members are dedicated to diversifying environmental institutions while simultaneously and effectively connecting people of color to the environmental movement. EPOC members are passionate about making a positive impact within their communities, the environmental movement, and the broader society. As of September 2012, EPOC has local chapters in Atlanta, Seattle, Portland and is planning other chapters across the U.S. 

Purpose & Goals

To grow and strengthen people of color leadership in environmentalism by:

  • Developing Leadership skills
  • Growing the number of people of color in environmental careers
  • Building community by providing safe spaces for people of color to connect, celebrate, and unify our diverse and complex community; and by providing a support network
  • Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting and incubating new ideas, projects, programs, or organizations
  • Connecting generations
  • Providing resources, and/or support for people of color to survive and thrive in the environmental movement
  • Strengthening and elevating voices of color in environmentalism